The Rainbow Colours - Story About Colours

The Rainbow Colours - Story About Colours

  • Svetlana Patafta
    The Rainbow Colours - Story About Colours

    The Rainbow Colours - Story About Colours

    Author: Svetlana Patafta
    Stage design: Tonka Maleković
    Puppetry: Amanda Prenkaj i Dunja Fajdić
    Stage and sound assistant: Domagoj Klasić
    Poster design: Klasja Habjan i Zita Nakić-Vojnović
    Photography: Ana Šesto

    Storyteller: Svetlana Patafta

    This is a story about colours, about the most basic terms the children encounter from the early age. It's about differences, tolerance and respecting each child's potential in every part of its young life. 

    The show is a result of Svetlana Patafta's dedicated engagement as a mother, actress and pedagogue in creative work with children under 2 years of age. She was inspired by the story "Rainbow" by Manuela Vladić Maštruko. 

    Every colour represents one story about life, relationships and basic terms that children learn from the early age. Different puppet techniques are used, sound plays an important part of the show besides movement and numerous visual stimulations. 

    The actress is constantly in interaction with children and encourages them to actively participate in everything they see and hear. 


    The show is intended for children aged 1,5 to 5 years.

    The duration of the show: 35 minutes

    The ticket price: 35 kunas (30 kunas for groups over 20 people)


    The premiere of this show was held on 8th November 2009, and it was produced by Puna Kuća Theatre .

    It played at the Dubrava theatre as a part of their repertoire from 2010 until 2014. In 2014 the show has become a part of Mala Scena's repertoire.