Story Of Water

Story Of Water

  • Jelena Vukmirica and Marko Makovicic
    Story Of Water

    Story Of Water

    Director: Jelena Vukmirica Makovičić
    Scenography: Petra Held
    Costume design: Hana Letica
    Light design: Željka Fabijanić Šaravanja
    Poster design: Damjan Uzelac
    Photography: Ana Šesto
    Producer: Vitomira Lončar

    Storyteller: Marko Makovičić / Jelena Vukmirica Makovičić


    The Story of Water was inspired by the character of water and the playing possibilities it provides. 

     Water was an unending inspiration of fantasy, play and fun for the authors. Through playing on stage they explore and get to know all of its aspects entering the incredible world of water where water itself becomes a friend and a playing partner. 

    They also try to enter the game from a child's perspective, inspired by playing of their own child, his huge joy and enthusiasm for something as simple as a little drop of water. 

    The show is intended for children aged 1,5 to 5 years.

    The duration of the show: 35 minutes

    The ticket price: 35 kunas (30 kunas for groups over 20 people