Story Of Light

Story Of Light

  • Ivica Šimić
    Story Of Light

    Story Of Light

    Director: Ivica Šimić
    Dramaturgy: Vedrana Klepica
    Light design: Željka Fabijanić
    Scenografkinja: Dinka Jeričević
    Costume and box design: Hana Letica
    Puppetry: Dunja Niemčić
    Scenography: Petra Held
    Poster design: Ivica Šimić
    Photography: Ana Šesto
    Producer: Vitomira Lončar
    PR: Daniela Kos

    Storyteller: Danijel Radečić 

    Light is, just like gravity, all around us. Even when it's dark, the light is with us: darkness doesn't exist, it's only the lack of light that darkens our view. The sources of light are all around us - from the natural sources like the sun, the moon, stars, fire and fireflies all to the artificial lights like lamps, bulbs, batteries, stage lights etc. 

    The light creates incredible effects that can occupy even the youngest child and provide it with an unforgettable visual experience of real magic. But, the duality between the light and the dark also makes us think about the inner, spiritual lights that go through us, about good and evil, about enlightenment and knowledge that are like stars, showing us the way we walk through life. That huge theme, although at first sight too big for young children that don't even know and understand the basic terms and shapes, not to mention the philosophy of life, is a big opportunity to explore the possibilities of communication with children through symbols, visual sensations and inner stimuli. 

    The show is intended for children aged 1,5 to 5 years.

    The duration of the show: 35 minutes

    The ticket price: 35 kunas (30 kunas for groups over 20 people)