• Silvija Šesto


    Dramaturg, director and music selector: Snježana Banović
    Stage design: Dinka Jeričević
    Costume design: Dženisa Pecotić
    Choreography: Zaga Živković
    Photography Irena Sinković
    Producer: Vitomira Lončar
    Assistent producer: Marko Sušac
    Marketing and PR: Daniela Kos

    Special thank you to Davora Tolja and Zoran Lesendrić for allowing us to use their music in the show. 

    Lana Gojak / Lukrecija Tudor
    Maja Katić / Anja Matković
    Luka Juričić / Paško Vukasović
    Petar Atanasoski / Kruno Bakota / Davor Kovač

    Peek into one, more than exciting, year in life of a 15 year-old teenager Lada. Extra weight, friendship, first unrequited love, complete misunderstanding with a friend from abroad, parents with their parents' problems, a brother who has problems of his own, school, first job and everything else that accompanies the process of growing up - all of this you will find in this fantastic show based on a popular young adult novel Pudgy, by Silvija Šesto Stipaničić. The novel is a must-read for every teenager, and this show is a must-see for anyone looking for a great time out at the theatre!

    The show is intented for young adults aged 9 and up 

    Duration: 50 minutes

    Price: 40 kunas, 35 kunas for groups of min. 100 persons. 

    On Saturday, October 7, 2017 the show Pudgy celebrated its 400 performance!