• Lana Saric
    Little Needle Girl


    Director: Ivica Šimić
    Director assistant: Iva Peter Dragan
    Stage design: Dinka Jeričević
    Costume design: Mirjana Zagorec
    Composer: Igor Karlić
    Light design: Željka Fabijanić Šaravanja
    Poster design: Ivica Šimić
    Photographer: Ana Šesto
    Producer: Vitomira Lončar

    The show is a coproduction with Triko Cirkus Teatar from Zagreb.

    Cast: Nikolina MajdakIva Peter Dragan, Christian Peter / Aleksandar Đikić


    Little Needle Girl is not a regular girl, she is different. She is special since she was born – she has little needles all over her body. They are a part of her, protecting her from anyone who wants to harm her, but also disables her from being like every other girl. Although she tries and wants to be like everyone else, she can’t find her place in the world because nobody wants to be friends with someone so unusual – someone who prods.

    In our show, the story of Little Needle Girl is put in a world of circus, which represents the world we live in.  At the beginning, two clowns decline every possibility to accept the Needle Girl as a friend and a companion, but after a lot of trying, they recognize that being different is actually Needle Girl’s advantage and that she can be extremely successful because of her needles. At the end, the two clowns accept the Little Needle Girl and with her help they create a very successful circus show.

    In the world that we live in, very often we encounter “unusual” people, those that are special in one way or the other. Sometimes we are not sure how to communicate with them and how to accept them for who they are. Most often we expect that these people change themselves to fit our world and behave in a “normal” way, without asking ourselves if our ways are good and is it even possible for those unusual ones to fit into “our” world. “Little Needle Girl” sends a clear message that we have to accept those different people just as they are, and that we, the majority, have to make the necessary steps and take those people in, and they, in return, will enrich our lives with their uniqueness.

    The show is intended for children aged 4 and above.

    The duration of the show: 35 minutes

    The ticket price: 35 kunas (30 kunas for groups over 20 people)