For young

For young


  • Pudgy

    Silvija Šesto


    Pudgy is a Croatian Bridget Jones for teenagers! This is a great story about a typical teenage girl and her everyday life; about love, friendship, troubles with school, appearance and old folks.


    Based on one of the most popular young adult novels among teenagers written by a multi-awarded Croatian author - Silvija Šesto. 

  • Stones

    Tom Lycos and Stefo Nantsou


    "The Stones" is dramatized true story about two boys who, by throwing stones from a bridge on a highway, killed the driver in the car. Written as a play for two actors who each play two roles - a teenage boy and a detective - and follows the course of events from the two ponits of view: boys and policemen who seek them.

    Premiere: 13 February 2011

    Translation: Maja Oršić Magdić
    Director: Ivica Šimić
    Set design:  Dinka Jeričević
    Costume Designer: Hana Letica
    Lighting design: Željka Fabijanić Šaravanja
    Music: Ivanka Mazurkijević and Stanislav Kovačić
    Producer: Vitomira Lončar
    Assistant Producer: Marijana Martelock

    Played by: Marko Hergešić and Filip Lozić / Petar Atanasoski