Snježana Banović

Snježana Banović

Snježana Banović, PhD.

Snježana Banović

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Snježana Banović is a Croatian, nationally renowned theater director, currently a full professor at the Academy of Dramatic Art at the University of Zagreb in Zagreb, Croatia, and a well known theater historian, theater management and production authority as well as an expert on national cultural policy. She regularly writes about theatre, theatre management and Croatian cultural policy in the 20th century for local and international magazines and newspapers and participates in symposia in Croatia and Southern Europe. She was born in Zagreb, Croatia, on 2nd November 1963.



October 2011 - Awarded Ph.D. degree in Performance Studies for doctoral thesis "The Croatian National Theatre 1941-1945 - Social and Organizational Aspect", University of Zagreb, Croatia

2003-2007 - Postgraduate studies and PhD research in Theater Science, University of Zagreb, Croatia

January to April 1997 - Fulbright Scholar at Yale School of Drama, Yale University, USA

1985-1989 - Theater Directing, Academy of Dramatic Art, University of Zagreb, Croatia

1982-1985 - French and Spanish Language and Literature, Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, University of Zagreb, Croatia


Work experience

2008 to present - Professor at the Academy of Dramatic Art, University of Zagreb, Croatia

Courses taught: Producer in the Context of Theatre History, Producer in the Croatian Theatre During the 20th Century, Management of Events and Festivals, Theatre Management and Theatre Repertoires, Theatre and Visual Identity, Costume and Stage Design in the Croatian Theatre During the 20th Century (Faculty of Textile Technology), The Independent State of Croatia and its Cultural Policy, A New Concept of Culture in Yugoslavia after 1945 (Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences)

2010 - Lecturer within the Ph.D. Program of the History Department, Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, University of Zagreb, Croatia

2008 to 2009 - Vice-Dean of the Academy of Dramatic Art, University of Zagreb, Croatia

2008 to 2009 - Associate at Zagreb Faculty of Textile Technology - Department of Costume design, Zagreb, Croatia

2008 - Guest at Art and Communication department, Wayne College, Nebraska, USA

2007 - Scenarist and Director - Ceremony for the 50th Anniversary of Atlantska Plovidba, Dubrovnik, Croatia

2007 - Directing Manager "Rachlin and Friends Festival", Dubrovnik, Croatia

2003 to 2007 - Assistant Professor, Production Department, Academy of Dramatic Art, University of Zagreb, Croatia

2004 - Scenarist and Director - Opening Ceremony of the Hilton Imperial Hotel in Dubrovnik, Croatia

2001 to 2003 - Artistic Director, Drama Department, Croatian National Theatre in Zagreb, Croatia

2001 - Scenarist - Opening Ceremony of the Dubrovnik Summer Festival, Croatia

2001 - Artistic Director of Drama, Dubrovnik Summer Festival, Croatia

1990 to 2001 - Freelance Theater Director


Books written

S. Banovic, "Theater of Crisis"

S. Banović, "The State and its Theater" (doctoral thesis), Profil, Zagreb, 2012

Co-author (with D. Lukić and V. Mihletić) of the university manual:  "Introduction in Production: Movie, TV, Theatre and Performance Art", Academy of Dramatic Art and University of Zagreb


Plays directed

"La Cambiale di Matrimonio", by Gioachino Rossini, Opera bb, Zagreb, Croatia, 2013.

"How Dunda lost her homeland" by Slobodan Snajder, Istrian National Theatre, Pula, Croatia, 2012.

"Il Campanello" by Gaetano Donizetti, Opera bb, Zagreb, Croatia, 2011

"Encyclopedia of Lost Time" by Slobodan Snajder, Croatian National Theatre, Varazdin, Croatia, 2011

"Sheep Forever" by N. Matter / A. Faust / S. Banovic, Mala Scena, Zagreb, Croatia, 2011

"Fragile!" by Tena Stivicic, Croatian National Theatre, Osijek, Croatia, 2009

"Vanda" by S. Sesto Stipancic / S. Banovic, Mala Scena, Zagreb, Croatia, 2009

"The Last Link" by Lada Kastelan, WSC Theatre, Wayne Nebraska, USA, 2008

"Fatty" by S. Sesto Stipancic / S, Banovic, Mala scena, Zagreb, Croatia, 2008

"Playing the Victim" by Brothers Presnyakov, Virovitica Theatre, Virovitica, Croatia, 2007

"Suddenly Last Summer" by Tennessee Williams, Croatian National Theater, Zagreb, Croatia, 2006

"Diary of Paulina P." by S. Pilic / S. Banovic, Theatre Žar Ptica, Zagreb, Croatia, 2005

"Vagina Monologues" by Eve Ensler, Theatre Marin Držić, Dubrovnik, Croatia, 2004

"Two" by Tena Štivičić, Atelier 212, Belgrade, Serbia 2003

"Vagina Monologues" by Eve Ensler, Theatre Kerempuh, Zagreb, Croatia, 2002

"Celebration" by Mogens / Rukov, Croatian National Theatre, Zagreb, Croatia, 2001

"Blue Room" by David Hare, Croatian National Theatre, Osijek, Croatia, 2001

"Good" by C. P. Taylor, Croatian National Theatre, Zagreb, Croatia, 2000

"How I Learned to Drive" by Paula Vogel, Theatre & TD, Zagreb, Croatia, 2000

"A Midsummer Night's Dream" by William Shakespeare, A charity production in the gardens of the US ambassador's residence, Zagreb, Croatia, 1999

"Le Chapeau de Paille d'Italie" by Eugene Labiche, Croatian National Theatre, Rijeka, Croatia, 1999

"Play Shakespeare" by Darko Lukić, A charity production in the gardens of the US ambassador's residence, Zagreb, Croatia, 1998

"Stari Fijaker" by Snjezana Banović, Oldfashioned Cabaret, Histrion Theatre Group, Zagreb, Croatia, 1998

"Uomini Senza Donne" by Angelo Longoni, Marin Držić Theatre, Dubrovnik, Croatia, 1997

"Duet" by Otho Eskin, Production for the Croatian Broadcasting Program, Zagreb, Croatia, 1997

"Mandragola" by Niccolo Machiavelli, Virovitica Theatre, Virovitica, Croatia, 1997

"Cat On a Hot Tin Roof" by Tennessee Williams, Drama Theatre Gavella, Zagreb, Croatia 1996

"Ne Promene Toi Toute Nue" by Georges Faydeau, New Life, Theatre for the Blind, Zagreb, Croatia, 1996

"Who is Afraid of Virginia Woolf?" Edward Albee, Croatian National Theatre, Zagreb, Croatia, 1995

"As You Like It" by William Shakespeare, Virovitica Theatre, Virovitica, Croatia, 1995

"Cabaret Pantagana" by Hrvoje Ivanković, Marin Držić Theatre, Dubrovnik, Croatia, 1994

"Cabaret Black Cat" by S. Banović / V. Đikanović, Drama Theatre Gavella, Zagreb, Croatia, 1994

"Le Chat dans le Sac" by Georges Faydeau, Virovitica Theatre, Virovitica, Croatia, 1993

"Charlie Brown" (cartoon adaptation) by Charles Schultz / S. Banović, Zagreb Theatre of Youth, Zagreb, Croatia, 1993

"Driving" by Miroslav Feldman, Virovitica Theatre, Virovitica, Croatia, 1993

"The Last Zrinski" by Higin Dragošić, Virovitica Theatre, Virovitica, Croatia 1992

"Le Chandelier" by Alfred de Musset, Drama Theatre Gavella, Zagreb, Croatia 1991

"Philip Octet and the Magic Tube" by Pavao Marinković, Theatre & TD, Zagreb, Croatia, 1990

"Abraham and Samuel" by Victor Haim, Jewish Parish, Zagreb, Croatia, 1989


Publications, reviews, conferences, presentations and scientific papers

"Croatian Culture and the EU: How to establish a "New Deal" in the New Circumstances?", Conference of the Law School and the Center for the Promotion of Democracy Miko Tripalo, Zagreb, 2012.

"Role of women intellectuals in the Independent State of Croatia", a scientific article review, by Ivana Cvijović, Zagreb 2012.

"Josip Horvat and World War Two", a scientific article review, by Albert Bing, 2012.

"Bela and Miroslav Krleza in the Independent State of Croatia - a light repertory as a price for life", Scientific Conference and journal: Intellectuals and War 1939-1947, Vladan Desnica's Meetings, Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, University of Zagreb, 2012.

"Relations between the Croatian National Theatre in Zagreb and the Serbian National Theatre in Novi Sad - sketches for an incentive for future cooperation", Scena, Novi Sad, Serbia, 2012.

"The Faculty of Production and Public Theatres in Croatia", Conference at the Faculty of Drama, Belgrade, Serbia, 2011.

"The Notebook as an Utopia - 10 years after", Conference about Vjeran Zuppa's work and life, Croatian writers association, Književna Republika, Zagreb, 2011.

"Memorandum for Cultural Policy in the Republic of Croatia", Conference about Cultural Policy in the Croatian political parties electoral programs, PEN, Zagreb, 2011.

"Theater Artists in the Independent State of Croatia - between Totalitarianism and the Arts", Scientific conference: Theatrum mundi: Theatre & Politics II: Theatre and Memory, Dubrovnik, 05 - 10 IX. 2011.

"Cultural Policy and the Place of the Main Theatre in the Independent State of Croatia 1941-1945", Croatian Radio III Program, 2011.

"Nina Vavra, Drama heroine in the Temple of Croatian Thalia", a book review, by I. Peklic, Križevci, 2010.

"National Theaters and Identity", Journal of Croatian National Identity in a Globalized World, the Law School and the Center for the Promotion of Democracy Miko Tripalo, Zagreb 2010.

"Nikola Batusic and Theatrical Legislation in Croatia", Journal of Nikola Batusic life and work, Croatian Academy of Science and Academy of Dramatic Art, Zagreb, 2010.

"National Theater and Cultural Policy in Croatia", Journal of International Scientific Conference: The Idea of a National Theatre in the 21st Century, Budmerice, Slovakia, 2010.

"Mani Gotovac directorship shows that the stable stage model of the XIX century can be changed", Conference about Mani Gotovac's work and life, Književna republika, Zagreb, 2010.

"The Production Model of the school plays in the American College", Journal: Croatian Language in the Context of Contemporary Education, Zagreb, 2010.

"Julije Benesic's second battle for the Reform of Croatian National Theater 1939 -1940", Kazaliste 37/38, Zagreb 2009.

"National Theaters and the lack of cultural development strategies in Croatia", Scena, Novi Sad, Serbia, 2009.

Production and Marketing in the Performing Arts, a book review, by D. Lukic, Kazaliste, Zagreb, 2006.

"Organizational Models of Contemporary Italian Theatre", Kazalište 2006.

"A Ball as a Word and More", Croatian radio, III program, 2006.

"Josip Freudenreich - the First Croatian Actor Manager", Kazaliste, Zagreb 2005.

"Balls in the National Theatre during the 19th Century", Kazalište, Zagreb 2004.

"Drama and Theater Education in USA", Glumiste, HDDU, Zagreb 2003.

"Zagreb Croatian National Theatre chamber stages from 1957 up to date", Kazaliste, Zagreb 2002.


Articles about theater and culture, polemics and feuilletons published in newspapers and magazines

"Begovic and Krleza - a sad story about love and betrayal between the two Croatian writers", Jutarnji list, 2012.

"CNT Management threw out Miroslav Krleza because of the fear of the Ustashas", Jutarnji list, Zagreb, 2011.

"A soccer-club celebration in the CNT was organized against the Theater Statute", Jutarnji list, Zagreb, 2011.

"Why does every our city mayor thinks about Culture just like Kerum?", Jutarnji list, Zagreb, 2011.

"Hollywood portraits of actors in the age of the Independent State of Croatia", Jutarnji list, Zagreb, 2011.

"The legend of Kosta Spaic - Why theater fanatics believe that the Dubrovnik Summer Festival died in 1971", Jutarnji list, Zagreb, 2011.

"If the Croatian theater originated as an imitation of the Viennese Burghteater, why we now consider its aesthetics as radical and unnecessary?", Jutarnji list, 2011.

"When mother politics successfully separates two twin brothers", Jutarnji list, 2010.

"The General manager of the CNT Ana Lederer is not untouchable any more", Jutarnji list, Zagreb, 2010.

"Cardinal Stepinac deserves a better lawyer than Jakov Sedlar", Jutarnji list, Zagreb 2010

"Sedlar needs to be in jail, not in the newspaper's polemics", Jutarnji list, Zagreb, 2010.

"Attack of the Culture on the expensive designer's shirts", Jutarnji list, Zagreb, 2010.

"Dubrovnik Summer Festival: Let's go further, let's  sink deeper", Jutarnji list, Zagreb, 2010.

"Bastards and Heroes, feuilleton about Croatian Culture and Theater during World War Two", Jutarnji list, Zagreb 2010.

"Louis XV in the cabinet of minister Biskupic", Globus, Zagreb, 2009.

"I was invited in the Croatian National Theater by the general manager, not by the Party" - the response to attack from CNT, Jutarnji list, Zagreb, 2009.

"Mr. Milanovic, would you ask Prof. Flego and Vujic who is Zuppa"? Jutarnji list, Zagreb, 2009.

"The building of the Croatian National Theater in Zagreb", Croatia Airlines inflight magazine, Zagreb 2009.

"Croatian National Theater in Zagreb and one more change of the Statute", Jutarnji list, Zagreb, 2005.

"Croatian National Theater falls by the whisper ot its own dramaturge and then only silent theater walls remain", Vjesnik, Zagreb, 2004.

"Monsieur Tarbuk is a self-proclaimed force of destructive power that is not possible to eradicate without major cuts", Vjesnik, Zagreb, 2004.

"Theater named Desire", obituary P. Sarcevic, Vijenac, Zagreb, 2002.

"The last rain", Vjesnik, Zagreb, 1991.



  • Croatian - mother tongue
  • English - excellent mastery of spoken and written language
  • French - excellent mastery of spoken and written language
  • Italian - fair mastery of spoken and written language
  • Spanish - fair mastery of spoken and written language 


Other Professional Experiences

Writes plays, adaptations and scenarios for theatre and special events performed on stages in Croatia:

  • "Charlie Brown and Peanuts"
  • "Cabaret Black Cat"
  • "Old cabaret"
  • "Diary of Pauline P."
  • "Vagina monologues"
  • "Agram by night" (cabaret)
  • "Fatty"
  • "Vanda"
  • "The Sheep Forever"

Plays translated from French and English into Croatian:

  • "Abraham and Samuel", by V. Haim
  • "Portrait", by Ionesco
  • "Duet", by O. Eskin
  • "How I learned to drive", by P. Vogel
  • "The Blue room", by D. Hare
  • "The Celebration", by Mogens-Rukov

Member of Croatian Journalists Association, International Theatre Institute Croatia and Croatian Drama Artists Association.

Member of juries and program selector of various festivals in Croatia (Rijeka, Umag, Zagreb)

Author of many articles in the "Jewish Bibliographic Lexicon" and the "Theatre Lexicon" for the Croatian Lexicography Institute 


Specializations and workshops

2009 - Workshop: Directing for Children, Schauspielhaus, Hamburg, Germany

2006 - Executive education at the University of Chicago Graduate School of Business (London Campus): Leadership as Performance Art

1994 - Workshop: Summer University Marly le Roi, France

1988 - Student Exchange: Summer Festival in Avignon, France