Nora Krstulović

Nora Krstulović

Nora Krstulović

Nora Krstulović

Nora Krstulović was educated as a theatre director but, with a background in IT and management, she has over the years taken a number of management positions within the theatre & film community in Croatia.

As a communications director for:

  • Dubrovnik Summer Festival (2000 - 2004)
  • International Network on Cultural Policy Annual Conference (2003)
  • Croatian Institute for Movement and Dance (2006 - 2009)
  • Dance Week Festival (2006 - 2009)
  • Zagreb Dance Centre (2008 - 2010)
  • Motovun Film Festival (2011)
  • Perforations Festival (2012)
  • IETM Plenary Meeting Zagreb (2012).

and as the exacutive producer for:

  • Pula Film Festival (2005)

Nora is also the founder and Editor-In-Chief of the the largest performing arts web magazine (2002 - present) in Eastern Europe, and was the Editor-In-Chief of film magazine (2007 - 2008) and Croatian cultural events monthly Sonda (2007 - 2008). She was a columnist for the Croatian political weekly magazine Forum (2011. - 2012.), and continues to be a contributor to a large number of regional publications.

Nora was a mentor at one of the most important festivals for young playwrights in Europe, Interplay Europe (2006), and to this day is a guest lecturer at the Academy of Drama Arts in Zagreb teaching a class in communication strategies, as well a lecturer for the  Education and Teacher Training Agency, a public institution responsible for the provision of professional and advisory support in the area of general education in Croatia.

However, she claims her true calling is in performing arts, and to prove it she has directed and produced (*) a large number of performances including:

  • Simona D. Paltinuš: Asphyxia Violenta
    play, SKUC / GDK Gavella (1992)*
  • E. Ionesco: The Bold Soprano
    play, Europski dom (1994) *
  • E. Ioneco: The Bold Soprano
    play, Dubrovnik/Zagreb, Teatar &TD / Rozatuna*
  • Patrick Marber: Closer
    play, GDK Gavella (1997)
  • Jurica Pavičić: Poisoner
    play, Croatian National Theatre Split (2000)
  • Jasen Boko: Luka - The Magic Master
    play, Mala scena (2005)
  • Steve Thompson: Damages
    play, Mala scena (2005)
  • Samuel Beckett: Breath
    play, Kultura promjene / Kubus Kartel (2006)*
  • Skroz
    devised theatre, Kultura promjene / Kubus Kartel (2006)*
  • TV Skroz
    devised theatre, Kultura promjene / Skroz (2007)*
  • Mirela Ivičević: Za tri lipe
    opera, Music Biennale Zagreb, Kultura promjene (2007)
  • Tinta, let i topla voda
    devised theatre, Ludens teatar (2008)
  • Paul Hindemith: Hin und zurück
    opera, Art Agent (2008)
  • Pop, Skroz
    devised theatre, Skroz / Kultura promjene (2009)*
  • Brutalno, Skroz
    performance, Skroz (2009)*
  • Predajte se s nama
    performance, Skroz (2009)*
  • PopSkroz 2.0
    devised theatre, Skroz (2010)*
  • A.W. Mozart, A. Salieri, V. Peternel, M.Sviben, N.Krstulović:S & M
    opera, Art Agent / Skroz (2010)*
  • Win/Win
    lecture performance, Kultura promjene (2011)*

In 2005 with dramaturge Maja Sviben, Nora founded the art collective SKROZ.

Since 2010 her performing arts projects have been produced by SKROZ  as the result of a creative partnership with Vedran Peternel, including @BetaSkroz, several productions for children and young audiences like La Poule aux oeufs d'or and La belette entrée dans un grenier, and most recently - Forrest, Timber, Hardly, Quite after Nin Andrews' Book of Orgasms.